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Property Professionals / Estate Agent / Letting Agent / Solicitor or Landlords needing a local locksmith.

You might not be aware that there are high security locks offering an equally high security level key. This is a key that you can give the tradesman or could lend to a prospective tenant. A high security key can only be cut by the lock manufacturer or a licensed key cutter for that make of lock. It would still require a security card/ or number before it can be cut.

Many property professionals believe that their clients are very highly vetted and so may not feel the need for any other security measures. However, how well do you know the emergency plumber or their dog walker or even the partner of the tenant that just stayed over for the weekend?
Other factors to consider:
• Tenants can be burgled.
• Do you need to gain access to one of your properties quickly?
• Have your tenants just vanished?
• Would you like to keep an empty property secure?
• What security is required by your insurance company?

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