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Domestic / Residential Locksmiths
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Moving House.
Just moved into your new home, an exciting time however, have you considered how many other people potentially have copies of the keys to your new home?
Possibly: The previous owners, the estate agent, the plumber, the gardener, the dog walker, the car cleaner to name a few possible key holders that have been forgotten. We all hope that these people the previous owner or house builder trusted are indeed trustworthy but for peace of mind your locks should be changed.

Victim of a Burglary.
Burglary is on the increase, it is always difficult to see the suffering and financial / emotional stress involved for the home owner. My advice would be if you have been burgled is to fit new locks and I will also offer you free security advise on how help prevent this from happening again.

New / Replacement Locks
Are your locks behaving badly, the key may not turn first time or feel stiff, fittings can become loose, so you end up having to slam the door in order to engage the lock which can cause even more damage to your lock and door frame.
Sound like you? If it does give me a call and I will offer an honest professional opinion and advice on whether your locks need some simple servicing or if replacements locks are advisable.

Home Security
Remember security can nearly always be improved on; old locks can be replaced with new British Standard locks and many insurance companies have a clause in the small print requiring British Standard (B.S.3621) rated locks on all exterior doors, are yours? Give me a call on 07598 678288 for a free security check.

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